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As a member of the BOSTANCI GROUP OF COMPANIES, BOSTANCI DAMPER has continuously integrated its quarter-century of experience with technical team and R&D since 1988. Taking firm steps to become a leading company, Bostancı Damper continues to provide its customers with contemporary designs both in an aesthetic and economical manner. In domestic as well as international markets, Bostancı Damper has been acknowledged for customer satisfaction, quality understanding, and after-sales service. It has selected to meet all expectations in a short time frame, with the most competitive prices, and of the highest quality.

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What Makes Us Special?

We have always aimed to meet expectations in a short time, at the best prices and with the highest quality.

Certified Superstructure Manufacturer of Leading Vehicle Manufacturers
The Quality Leader of the Superstructure Industry
Over 30 Years of Industry Experience
Compliance with All Legal Regulations and Safety Requirements.
Unique Brand Value and Experience
Fast and Effective After-Sales Service

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